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About STEM

The STEM Pathway is designed for students interested in areas like information technology, cybersecurity, science, technology, engineering and math. Career pathways include building linkages for the design, development, support, security and management of hardware, software, multimedia and integrated services. Other career pathways include opportunities as scientists, mathematicians and engineers. (HB5 Endorsement: STEM)


Agricultural Sciences

  • Associate of Science - Agricultural Sciences
Agricultural Sciences Website Agricultural Sciences Catalog

Biological and Physical Sciences

  • Associate of Science - Biological and Physical Sciences
Biological and Physical Sciences Catalog

Computer Maintenance and Networking Technology

  • Associate of Applied Science - Computer Maintenance and Network Technology
  • Computer Network Administrator Certificate
  • Computer Support Technician Certificate
  • Information Technology Core Curriculum Certificate
Computer Maintenance and Networking Technology Catalog

Computer Science and Computer Information Systems

  • Associate of Science - Computer Science/Computer Information Systems
Computer Science and Computer Information Systems Catalog

Cloud Computing

  • Associate of Applied Science - Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing Catalog


  • Associate of Applied Science - Cybersecurity Administration
  • Cybersecurity Technician Certificate
Cybersecurity Website Cybersecurity Catalog


  • Associate of Science - Engineering
Engineering Catalog


  • Associate of Science - Mathematics
Mathematics Catalog