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Board of Trustees

The seven Grayson College Board of Trustees Members plus the College President
Jim SmarrGrayson College Board of Trustees with College President Dr. McMillen. From top-left to bottom-right: Dr. John Spies, Ronnie Cole, Dr. Jeremy McMillen, Terrence Steele, Jared Johnson, Jackie Butler, Dr. Debbie Barnes-Plyler, and Paula Cavender

The Grayson College Board of Trustees are the elected governing body for the college. Each position is elected at-large to hold a six-year term in office. Elections are held in November of even years. 

This governing body demonstrates their interest in the college's role within the community by listening to the citizens, learning about the college's programs and services, and using data and information to make strategic decisions to improve the county and region.

Board Members

Dr. Debbie Barnes Plyler
Dr. John Spies
Vice Chair
Mr. Terrence Steele
Mrs. Jackie Butler
Mrs. Paula Cavender
Mr. Ronnie Cole
Mr. Jared Johnson

The Board may be reached at trustees@lempimuona.com.